28 Ways To Crush Diabetes And Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally, With Lifestyle Changes And Amazing Diets

By Muri

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28 Ways To Crush Diabetes And Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally, With Lifestyle Changes And Amazing Dietsday one training is here.




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28 Ways To Crush Diabetes And Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally, With Lifestyle Changes And Amazing Diets


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  • Foods that helps reduce blood sugar and crush diabetes

And if you wait till the end, I will show how to get access to an amazing natural solution that will free you from Diabetes & High Blood Sugar completely and for life.Dia



This training worth more than a thousand dollars…..

So, don’t take it for granted because it is free training….

What is most important is that you are freed from Diabetes and High Blood Sugar.


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Before i get into all that, i think it’s only fair, I tell you whom i am again and the reasons why you need to take things i am about to reveal to you very seriously.. 

My name is Muritala Osuolale  Bello. I am the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Of Munexa Online Magazine. I am the founder of Naturalnex and Healthandbeautyuniversity.com

I am a researcher, publisher,author, journalist, digital media expert, natural herbs enthusiast, alternative medicine specialist, and advocate of good health and quality of life.

I am the author of best selling books like Hypertension and High Blood Pressure Freedom, Diabetes Freedom , Ulcer Ultimate Solution and host of others.

Through my  reports, articles, publications and researches, i have helped freed over 2000 people from Hypertension and High Blood Pressure completely since 2016.

I am not a medical doctor but i a married to a nurse…..


However, this is not about me, its about how you can defeat the silent killer called Diabetes and High Blood Sugar and how to prevent consequenses.


So, let’s move one



Let me share something with you…..


2 people close to me (My Uncle and a pastor friend) battled Hypertension and High Blood Pressure for some years before God used me to save them.



There 2 events that happened about 3 years ago forced me to go into serious studies, researches and discoveries of these ULTIMATE SOLUTIONS that I want to share with you in a few minutes…



One: My uncle who paid my bills while i was school, was battling with serious High Blood Pressure, fast heartbeats, sleeplessness, getting tired and the doctor told him he had full hypertension.


He was living on drugs. Those drugs were like his power bank. He must carry them along. He must use them every day.


Failure to use them will trigger a health crisis.

He later tried some drugs from some MLM companies…

At a point we were spending about N250, 000 to buy drugs and herbs within 3 months……

I contributed most of this morning because now he is retired and depends on pensions.

He was always going to the hospital for checkups….

It was a challenging time for him.



Two: My long-time friend, survived a heart attack as a result of untreated High Blood Pressure.

I called him to remind him about my birthday and the wife picked the calls and informed me that God Just saves him.

I went straight to the hospital to meet him.

He started living on drugs too.

At a point, he was buying drugs from the USA and Uk. He tried some herbal teas….

He was practically in pain.

He could not travel for a long time again.

He couldn’t stay longer in Lagos traffic again…. ‘

The cost of different drugs and herbs were taking too much from his income.

He was not performing well in the other room again…

Let me be honest with you, I was worried and wanted to help them out….

We tried everything possible. No permanent cure…

Just management with drugs and some ineffective herbal stuff.
I was worried and wanted to help him out.




So i have to embarked on series efforst to help them get solution to high blood pressure and hypertension.

Today they have crushed High Blood Preesure and Hypertension and are doing well




However i need to  share some of these amazing stories with you…..

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I have lectured over 7000 on how to be freed from  Hypertension and High Blood Pressure before starting Diabetes Freedom Workshops Series….


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Last year i launched my HBP Whastapp Bootcamp series and i over 7000 people have participated so far.

Over 2000 action takers among them are now freed from Hypertension and High Blood Pressure forever.

A lots of them have shared amazing testimonies.

It was a lot of work  and sacrifices for  me…


The HBP lectures still run and i spend average of N200,000 on Facebook advertisement o a monthly basis for the free Whatsapp bootcamps like this ….

But the results have been amazing…

People are sending me prayers on daily basis after been freed from HBP…

And very soon , you will also send me tons of prayers…


We are not here to talk about Hypertension and High Blood Pressure….



But the success with HBP Whatsapp Bootcamps encouraged me to replicate the same success with diabetes and ulcer.

And thats why we are here….

In the course of helping people out of HBP i practically became herbal man.  


A lot of my active members started to ask me for solutions to different other health problems like diabetes, ulcer, insomnia, fibroid, infertility, etc


I have to go back into researches. I placed diabetes on my number one TO DO LIST. I spent good 12 months researching and validating natural solutions to diabetes and High Blood Sugar.


After helping about 100 people battling diabetes, that when i realized that millions of people are in danger because of diabetes and high blood sugar.

Also, a friend of my visited me from Ibadan and he shared with how a former governor of Oyo State is battling his health and life because of what i called ORDINARY DIABETES.

Its ordinary in my view but i know its a BIG PAIN TO A Lot of people.


I decided to come up with  solutions that i have gathered and validated.


Maybe you are in a similar situation  with diabetes right now, looking for natural solutions yto diabetes and high blood sugar


I have to help members of my Whatsapp group to get rid of diabetes .

I felt their pain. I knew it was dangerous to be living on drugs for a long time.


This can cause kidney or liver failure. It can cause other ailments.


The have tried everything legally possible. Drugs, medications, supplements, herbals teas, etc.


They visited doctors, specialists, and hospitals….


Just name it….. They tried everything possible to free themselves from DIABETES


They were always calling and chatting me to help out.

This was not a situation; I can wish for anyone…


Then the game changed….

Then i decided to commission a research that took me and 2 other 12 months to come out with various solutions..


The members of my group who have benefited from my research work can never forget me.

In fact i receive regular prayers from them.,

In few seconds, i will share everything about my research with you during this training….

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After a few week of using it, they got massive results. the blood sugar returned to normal.

They stopped living on drugs and artificai insulin.


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They have made you believe that diabetes doesn’t have a cure…..


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These experience of my group members that battled with diabetes and high blood sugar forced me into a series of researches that I spent a lot of money on…

I traveled to places like  Oshogbo (Osun State), Offa, Ilorin (Kwara State) and back to Nupeland, Bida in Niger State……


I have also helped over lots of people out of Diabetse and High Blood Sugar  this year alone…


So why are we here?


Let’s start the main lesson now!


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a blood sugar disorder. Excess glucose in the bloodstream doesn’t get into the cells and muscle tissue of the body where it acts as fuel to be burned as energy.

Diabetics often find themselves sluggish and tired.

In order to get into the cells, glucose must have both insulin and GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). Insulin acts as a key. It opens the cell “door” so glucose can get in where it can be stored and used as energy. Insulin is generated by the beta cells of the pancreas.

 Under normal conditions the pancreas produces just enough insulin to get the job done. Insulin production occurs shortly after eating. Things are different for the diabetic.

The food you eat is turned into glucose. How much depends on the type of food and how much you eat. A meal high in simple carbohydrates will lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates take longer to be converted into glucose.

The pancreas kicks in to produce insulin so the excess sugar can be shuttled into the muscle and other cells of the body for future storage and then be used as energy.

What Are The Possible Complications That Diabetes And High Blood Sugar Ca Cause?

● Neuropathy: Diabetics often lose feeling in their hands and feet. The nerves die, not necessarily because of excess sugar in the diet, but because of a lack of vitamins and minerals which can help fight those complications. With deadened nerves there is no pain when stepping on a sharp object.

● Retinopathy: As with the deadening of the nerves in the feet, the same thing happens to those delicate veins in the eyes that lead the diabetic toward a future of blindness. It is preventable if you know what you should take to avoid getting blindness.

● Kidney Disease: The kidneys are under great pressure as they try to rid your body of excess glucose. The higher your glucose level and the longer it stays in your blood, the harder the kidneys have to work. With so much pressure, they malfunction and disease can set in. More than half of all patients on dialysis today are diabetic.

● Heart disease: Your heart is hardly immune to the effects of high blood sugar. Ingredients such as CoQ10, so necessary for the proper beating function of the heart is depleted in the diabetic

There are two types of diabetes. 

In type diabetes 1, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to get that glucose into the cells. With little insulin to shuttle excess glucose into the cells, glucose stays in the bloodstream where it builds up to dangerous levels and begins to wreck havoc on the organs.

Type 1 is usually prevalent in the early years and usually strikes children and young adults. The reason why the pancreas does not do the job of producing insulin is unclear, though it is assumed that the pancreas becomes damaged or is attacked by the body’s own immune system.

Cancer of the pancreas can contribute to a lack of insulin, though this condition is rare in children. Yet another reason is due to burnout which results to overproduction of insulin and eventual burnout of the pancreas.

Whatever the reason, Type 1 diabetes requires insulin shots to do the job the pancreas cannot perform.

They need to take insulin before every meal to control their blood sugar and require it for them rest of their lives. Only 5% of diabetes falls into the Type 1 category.

The majority of diabetes are Type 2. They have healthy pancreas that generates adequate amounts of insulin, but the insulin is not able to “open the door” of the cells so glucose can enter. To compensate, the pancreas produces more insulin to get the job done. But often the cells become resistant to insulin-they simply don’t open up.

This situation make the pancreas produce even more insulin. Eventually, the pancreas cannot produce any more and burns itself out. Type 2 diabetics have no lack of insulin. The cells just don’t recognize insulin.

The reason for this insulin resistance is due to the fact that most type 2 diabetics are overweight and obese.

Fully 90% of Type 2 diabetes are caused by overweight or obese. It has been shown that fat around the abdominal region acts like a separate organ, producing compounds which can make cells resistant.

Excess fat interferes with the functioning of the cells. Just by shedding a few pounds, you can better manage your blood sugar levels. Of course weight loss is not the only solution. Besides excess weight sedentary lifestyle aggravates the problem.

The cells need oxygen and the proper nutrients that make them elastic and better able to take in glucose. The proper amount of exercise helps them do the job. The human body is made to be active. Without some kind of activity whether it’s as simple as walking, cooking or cleaning, cells can’t function.

 A diet of highly refined and processed food loaded with fat and sugar makes up the standard fare of most everyone, but does little to help those cells. Diabetes rates a close third behind heart disease and cancer.

Many of the food you buy come loaded with fat, sugar and salt and has little essential fiber like that of our early ancestors. It’s the lack of the right nourishment that is leading the world to the epidemic of diabetes.


High Blood Sugar Known and diabetes are very dangerous, stubborn, life threatening and frustratin


Now Let’s Go

How To Crush Diabetes and Lower Blood Sugar Naturally, With Diets and With Lifestyle Changes

Now let us move on

28 Ways To Crush Diabetes And Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally, With Lifestyle Changes And Amazing Diets


1 Lose Some Weight

Excess body fat and a high body mass index (BMI) are the highest indicators of diabetes risk. Also, a larger waist circumference is linked to increased risk.

Additionally, studies note the importance of body fat distribution. Your waistline is an indicator of how much abdominal fat you have. …and, the larger your waistline, the higher your risk.

2 Work On Your Diet Composition

In addition to calorie restriction, another powerful tool to help you lose weight is diet composition. Research states that improving the makeup of your diet reduces the incidence of diabetes by up to 87% .

Modifying the diet to one with 30% protein, 20% carbs and 50% fat reduced 24-hour glucose by 38%. This brought the fasting blood sugar levels of the diabetic subjects to near normal. A 30% protein, 30% carb and 40% fat diet also produced similar results.

3 Adopt The intermittent Fasting Formula

Intermittent Fasting Formula is now a popular trend on how to get rid of high blood sugar and diabetes naturally.

It is a good useful eating habit where you eat during a 12 hours window and avoid taking any food during the remaining 12 hours of the day.

This allows your entire body and digestive system to rest for 12 hours a day. For Example, eat between 7 AM to 7 PM and avoid eating between 7 PM to 7 AM The following morning.

4 Regularly Exercise

Exercise is something everyone should do. The human body is designed to move. Unfortunately, the digital age has made this more difficult.

Physical activity of any kind helps the body use up glucose.

You can walk, clean the house, do some gardening or hit the gym.

This prevents it from accumulating in your bloodstream causing high blood sugar. Additionally, exercise helps you lose weight. It also aids in improving cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

5 Avoid Sitting For Longer Time

In contrast to being active, sitting down for long periods should be avoided. A sedentary lifestyle increases post-meal blood sugar and triglyceride excursions. It also harms insulin sensitivity.

6 Drink Good Amount Of Water

Staying well hydrated helps keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. Water helps your kidneys flush out blood sugar. This is especially true when you’re hyperglycemic.

Drinking enough water also prevents dehydration. Dehydration increases your risk of high blood sugar. A study in Diabetes Care reveals that your level of water intake is inversely related to hyperglycemia. Because drinking water rehydrates you and lowers blood sugar, getting enough of it reduces your risk of diabetes.

7 Avoid And Manage Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on your health. It also raises your blood sugar levels. This is because of the hormones your body secretes when stressed.

With chronic stress, you’re in a constant state of hyper-alertness. This keeps your blood glucose levels high. As a result, it increases your risk of diabetes over time.

Yoga, meditation, exercise and stress management are some ways to prevent rising blood sugar from stress. You can likewise enjoy a soak in the hot tub, spa or get a massage.

8 Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the time when your body recovers and repairs itself. Thus, it is important to get enough shut-eye. This way, your body and brain are able to restore themselves to peak condition.

On the other hand, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep negatively affects glucose tolerance. It also increases your risk of diabetes.

Too Much Sleep is Bad As Well

It’s worth noting that too much sleep is just as bad as not getting enough sleep.

9 Check Your Blood Sugar Levels Regularly

Whether you’re diabetic or not, checking your blood sugar regularly is an important step in staying healthy. In the past, only adults were susceptible to diabetes. As such, type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes.

10 Stop Or Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes and cigarette smoke contain over 7,000 toxic chemicals. These include nicotine, lead, arsenic, ammonia, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide. What’s worse is, everyone around the smoker is affected.

Besides harming your lungs, smoking also increases blood sugar.

11 Limit Sodas, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Sugary Drinks

While sugar does make drinks taste good, it also makes them a risk for metabolic disorders.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are another culprit. Energy drinks are designed to give you extra energy. This helps you power through long work hours or cram for your exam. Like sports drinks, they contain a good amount of sugar.

Sports Drinks

Besides sodas and juices, sports drinks also contain a lot of sugar. Sports drinks are used to replace fluids and electrolytes lost during sports or exercise.

Sodas, Juices and Sugary Drinks

Sodas and juices are two of the most popular sugary drinks around. If you want to keep your blood sugar in check, it’s best to avoid them. Studies have shown that sugar-sweetened beverages are linked to higher blood sugar.

12 Cut Down on the Sugar

Research shows that consuming high amounts of sugar is linked to diabetes. High consumption of sucrose and fructose both increase your risk of the disease.

Added sugar in large quantities puts extra stress on your pancreas and liver. Left unchecked over time, it not only harms these organs but also damages them. Your pancreas produces insulin to process glucose from the food you eat.

13 Control Your Food Portions

Eating smaller portions during meals is one of the best ways to limit the calories you consume. It also helps you control and lose weight.

Ideally, your meals should consist of 50% vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% starch. Also, having 3 balanced meals daily will help limit food cravings in between.

These simple strategies will help limit the number of calories you consume. It will also help you lose weight along the way. Weight loss, as discussed earlier, helps improve blood sugar control. It also lowers your risk of diabetes

14 Be Careful with Increasing Meal Frequency

You’ve probably heard that eating many smaller meals throughout the day is better for regulating blood sugar. In principle, it sounds logical.

But, its otherwise.

Research suggests that fewer, bigger meals will cause your blood sugar to spike more. But, they also tend to keep your overall blood glucose level lower on average. Meanwhile, frequent meals keep your blood sugar elevated throughout the day. The latter being more dangerous in increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

15 Too Few Meals is not good as Well

Eating too few meals is likewise detrimental. This is according to a study by the US National Institute on Aging Intramural Research Program. Subjects who consumed only 1 large meal daily experienced increases in fasting blood sugar. They also had delayed insulin response and impaired morning glucose tolerance.

It is for this reason that many fasting protocols like intermittent fasting are only done for short periods of time. This allows you to gain their benefits without overdoing it.

16 Regulate Your Carbohydrates

Along with sugar, eating a lot of carbohydrates is linked to higher blood sugar and increased risk of diabetes. Carbohydrates are broken down by your body into sugars. It then releases insulin to make these sugars usable to cells.

The more carbohydrates you consume, the more insulin your pancreas needs to secrete. Over time, the stress of overproduction causes it to break down

17 Limit Red Meat and Avoid Processed Meats

Recent research suggests that red meat and process meats increase your risk of cancer. In addition to that, they also increase your risk of diabetes.

Alternatively, opt for chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood. They’re leaner. And, they don’t come with the risks that red meat does.

18 Eat Fish

Eating fish in place of meat cuts out the negative effects of red meat. It also lets you add protein to your meals. That said, fish are a mixed bag when it comes to reducing blood sugar. Because they don’t contain carbohydrates, they don’t elevate your glucose and insulin levels.

19 Eat More Green Leafy Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help regulate blood sugar thanks to their fiber content. In doing so, they cut your risk of type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, the total amount you eat isn’t related to diabetes risk.

20 Increase Your Fiber Intake

Like fats, fiber slows the absorption of sugar. Thus, allowing for a slower, steadier rise in blood glucose after meals.

Studies reveal that consuming high fiber diets or supplementing with fiber is beneficial in controlling blood sugar. The daily recommended intake of fiber is 38 grams per day for men and 25 grams a day for

21 Be Careful Of Caffeine

Caffeine content has a strange relationship with blood sugar. In the short term, it increases both blood sugar and insulin levels. But, long-term coffee drinkers experience lower risks of diabetes. Better yet, each extra cup you drink causes that risk to drop 7% lower.

22 Go For High Fiber Breads

Bread is loaded with carbohydrates. White bread in different forms is refined starch. This causes it to act similar to sugar once your body digests it. As such, it makes your blood sugar spike up quickly.

In general, whole grain and high fiber breads are better for blood sugar control. You can make safe bread by yourself.

23 Go For Brown Rice

Like bread, rice is another meal staple that contains a large number of carbohydrates. White rice, in particular, is associated with higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

In contrast, brown rice which is whole grain helps lower diabetes risk. Researchers from Harvard’s School of Public Health found that having 2 or more servings of brown rice weekly, lowered your risk by 11%.

24 Be Careful Of Alcohol

Like coffee, alcohol increases your blood sugar in the short term and lowers it in the long term. Alcoholic beverages contain a good amount of carbohydrates. This causes your blood sugar to rise soon after drinking. But, several hours later, you’ll see your glucose levels drop.

More importantly, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol (1-2 glasses a day) is known to prevent your risk of diabetes.

25 Consider But Be Careful Of Fruits

Except for pineapples and melons, most fruits have low GI scores of 55 or less.

This is because most fruits contain lots of water and fiber to balance out their naturally occurring sugar, which is called fructose.

However, as fruits ripen, their GI scores increase. Fruit juices also have very high GI scores because juicing removes the fibrous skins and seeds.

A large 2013 study found that people who consumed whole fruits, especially blueberries, grapes, and apples, had significantly lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

The researchers also reported that drinking fruit juice increased the risk of developing the

26 Eat Legumes

Legumes, such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils, have very low GI scores.

They are also a good source of nutrients that can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. These nutrients include: fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein


27 Make sure you have Blood Monitoring Kits with you.

You need to monitor your blood sugar regularly and you don’t need to visit hospital or pharmacy to do this.

If you can afford it get your own blood sugar test kits

If you blood sugar is normal or abnormal, you can work on it

Although it can be expensive but some blood pressure test kits are very affordable right now.

28 Natural Remedies

Natural Herbs & Roots As You Best Bet

Let me be honest with you, natural herbs and roots are the lasting solutions to Diabetes and high blood sugar.

Anyone who has been on diabetes and high blood sugar knows how they work.

There are some of these herbal leaves, fruits and roots that available around us but we don’t know how use them or we think they are not safe or too primitive because we are educated and civilized

Let me make this clear, it is not good to be on drugs for a long time. It is one f the reason for organ failures.

Your doctor may not tell you this….

I am not saying you should not take drugs ..

What I am saying is that any health problem that they told you doesnt have solution, that you have to manage it and any condition that put you in a situation that you must be moving about with drugs or living on drugs for life is not good for your body organs and entire system.

Please use natural solution that is safe and guarrantee permanent solution, until you are freed completely.


Nobody will tell you this……

So start using natural herbs now….

Check out the Asians, they live longer….

Don’t be scared….

I am not here to scare you…


 I am here to free you from health hazards and crises…..


NOW lets move on


All what I have shown you are very effective ways to help you lower your blood sugar.

 I know you may still have some questions and want permanent cure for diabetes and high blood sugar.

Hold on

So, what about if i show you how to cure diabetes and high blood sugar permanently without wasting money on expensive drugs and supplement that don’t work or get permanent solutions?

I will be glad if you allow me to show you how to be freed from Diabetes and high blood sugar permanently and completely.



Now that I have delivered what I promised on “How To Reduced Blood Sugar Naturally and With Lifestyles Changes”

‘Please take everything I have said so far seriously…..

Don’t even joke with them…….

Take action and save yourself from High Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Hold on……

Let me tell you something before we move to the second session….


Let’s be honest with ourselves…..

No more amounts is too much to save our lives, prevent kidney disease,  heart problems and get rid of  diabetes and high blood sugar……

I have heard of stealing from the account of their dead customers…

It doesn’t make sense to think any amount is too much to save our lives…..

“Whatever bird eat, that’s what it will take to fly”

Raw interpretations of a Yoruba proverb…. it simply means whatever you spend on yourself is your own.

All the bank accounts, properties, pieces of jewelry belonging to those who don’t how you labour to get them if you are no more…….

All that I have shown you are very effective ways to help you lower your blood pressure.

If you can take action, you can bring down your blood pressure…

You can also move on to free yourself from hypertension and High Blood Pressure completely and permanently.